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Cheap Teeth Whitening Products - The Natural and Cheap Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Cheap teeth whitening products are the perfect way to whiten your teeth. Explore some cheap teeth whitening solutions that don't require a dentist visit.

Yellow teeth is hard to avoid and hard to ignore, especially if you are a person with a huge social circle.

With all the development in the field science and many newly formulated technological solutions, we now have numerous ways to whiten our teeth, the teeth that have turned pale due to any reason for example dietary habits, as a result of aging, medication or may be due to genetic factor.

When it comes to teeth whitening, the first thing which pops up in our mind is the teeth whitening procedure at a dentist's office. The procedures at the dental office include tooth bleaching, laser whitening, UV whitening, bonding, kits and veneers.

In order afford the fees of a dentist is not easy for most of us. One must have enough funds for it and going for an in-office treatment is not an option for those who are on a tight budget.

Consider Cheap Teeth Whitening Products

cheap teeth whitening

Happily, we still have numerous other ways for teeth whitening which are within the approach of a common man. These procedures are effective but slow as compared to the in-office procedures, yet they provide you noticeable and satisfying results. The cheap teeth whitening methods include home remedies for teeth whitening.

They are good news for those who do not trust the market products. Let me tell you that market products are also worth trying as you can see their results within weeks without spending much.

Cheap Teeth Whitening Procedures - At Home

teeth whitening cheap

Teeth whitening procedures don't have to be expensive always if they are effective. Although, expensive teeth whitening procedures are quite noticeable and quick, but the cheaper methods also have profound effects and are quite frequently used by many.

To grasp an idea about cheap dental whitening, go through this article and you will get to know interesting home remedies and easy-to-use OTC teeth whitening products that are available at any drug store.

A list of following methods of cheap teeth whitening is given below:

Cheap Teeth Whitening Home remedies:

Home made things are all good. There are ample of things at your home that you are surrounded by most of the time that can help you get rid of the unwanted teeth stains. Get inside your kitchen and have a look. Several items are always present in your kitchen that can be used for teeth whitening. Amongst some cheap teeth whitening solutions are:


Salt is a cheap teeth whitening method, but can be abrasive in nature and so, it is effective against the teeth stains. Just damp your tooth brush and sprinkle some salt onto it. Brush gently on your teeth and concentrate more on the stained parts. After you get done, rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth again but this time with fluoride toothpaste so as to remove salt remains that can irritate your gums. Also, while brushing the salt onto the teeth, try not to bring it in contact with the gums.

salt teeth whitening

Olive Oil:

An all-time favorite cheap teeth whitening home remedy for teeth whitening, olive oil not only whitens the teeth but also is capable of killing the harmful bacteria of mouth.

olive oil teeth whitening

Baking soda:

The cheapest teeth whitening home remedy, the most recommended one and the most used remedy. Baking soda is an abrasive that scrapes off the accumulated tooth stains and also polishes the teeth. It removes plaque as well. Much frequent use of baking soda for teeth whitening must be avoided. For its safer use, brush it onto the teeth by mixing it with toothpaste.

Fruity remedy:

This cheap teeth whitening home remedy rather sounds to be delicious. Many kinds of fruits such as oranges and lemon are useful in scraping off the debris of stains from the tooth surface, although lemon is not much safe to use due to its high acidic nature, but still, its limited use can contribute to enhance the tooth color.

strawberry whitening

The inner portion of the orange peel when rubbed against the tooth stains also gives teeth whitening effect. Strawberries contain malic acid which acts as teeth whitener. You can either apply them directly on your teeth or mash them and apply the paste. But you must use fluoride toothpaste right after application of strawberries on teeth so that the sugar and acid do not retain on the tooth enamel.

Some facts about cheap teeth whitening home remedies: No doubt, home remedies are an inexpensive way of teeth whitening and sound almost free of cost, but they must be used carefully and in limited amounts.

Moreover, these home remedies meant for teeth whitening are effective only on the superficial stains and not on the deeper and darker ones. When coming to its side effects, home remedies have almost nil side effects as compared to other teeth whitening methods.

Dental products for cheap teeth whitening:

Now comes the part when we talk about some of the dental products that are much more effective than home remedies and are an efficient method of cheap teeth whitening.

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #1:

Teeth whitening gels: These are the peroxide based gels that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The bleaching agents are quite effective in oxidizing away the stains present on your teeth. The concentration of the bleaching agents in the teeth whitening gels is much lower than that used in professional treatment so as to ensure the safety of its use.

teeth whitening gels

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #2:

Teeth whitening strips: These are flexible, good quality polythene strips with teeth whitening gel on its inner side. The side of the strip with the gel is applied onto the teeth for a while daily. The strips are transparent so that when applied on the teeth, are not quite visible. Also they are much easy to use as they stick onto the teeth and hold the gel at its place. The strip based treatment should go on for almost two weeks. They may cost around $ 25- $ 45.

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #3:

Teeth whitening pen: These pens can be used to apply the bleaching gel directly and in more concentrated quantities onto the stained areas of the teeth. The pen is quite handy to use as well as affordable. It may cost around $ 20.

teeth whitening pen

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #4:

Teeth whitening trays: The whitening trays are either home based or professionally dispensed. The mouth tray is fabricated according to one's teeth shape and the teeth whitening gel is dispensed into it. This mouth tray is then worn for certain amount of time and days. The tray treatment may cost around $ 15- $ 50.

teeth whitening trays

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #5:

Paints for teeth whitener: This is another cost friendly and easy to use dental product. These are actually peroxide-based gels that are painted onto the teeth. This gel hardens and forms a coat on teeth surface. The hardened coat that it forms is an invisible film.

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #6:

Teeth whitening toothpaste: The most convenient method of cheap teeth whitening. It contains fluoride and other mild abrasives such as calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, that scrape the debris off the teeth.

teeth whitening toothpaste

Cheap Teeth Whitening Product #7:

Home-based teeth whitening kits: The teeth whitening kits may be either dental supervised or entirely home based. The kits involve the use of mouth trays. Dental supervised teeth whitening kits can be obtained only through a dentist. Besides mouth trays and bleaching gels, teeth whitening kits may also contain gel syringes and LED laser whitening light. There are a number of OTC teeth whitening kits available today that have proved to be quite effective.

Is Cheap Teeth Whitening Methods Right For You?

whiten teeth cheap

Although professional treatment for teeth whitening has its own enhancing and long lasting effect and is less time consuming, but it costs high is not affordable for everyone. Cheap teeth whitening may give you satisfying results and its price is also within the approach of a common man.

So, get ready to smile brightly and impress your surroundings with the white sparkle of your teeth.

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